Training Tool Spotlight: The Technologies for Training Toolkit

You’re planning a training for oral health providers at varying clinics at a designated time. You know you’ll need to use some kind of technology to reach your target audience, but what type(s) of technology should you use and what are the adult learning best practices that apply?  How will you market and evaluate the event? And, where can you go to find simple answers to these questions?

The AETC Technology in Training Workgroup is pleased to present the Technologies for Training Toolkit. This new resource will help you decide which technology best satisfies your training goal or challenge, and offers tips on how to complement and enhance your training modalities. The Toolkit is comprised of a summary table that identifies and describes different learning technologies, and links out each platform identified within that technology for more information, including the product’s online source page, pros and cons for its use, and adult learning tips for trainers.  ShareSpot blog stories found under the “Technology & Training” category were written by members of the workgroup to serve as case studies, or examples of how different technologies were used at their respective AETCs to meet specific training needs. The first of these stories, Thinking of Using a Technology for AETC Training? - First Steps to Get Started, by Mari Millery, PhD, New York/New Jersey AETC, was added to help you with your initial evaluation process. The Toolkit also features a literature review on the use of technology within the context of learning, FAQs, and tips on how to evaluate the efficacy of a technology’s use within your training activity.  Technology “super-users” from the AETC network were identified and are listed in the Toolkit as contacts for additional information, if needed.

This product is designed to provide you with answers to your technology for training questions, from basic to advanced. We trust you will find it to be a useful timesaving tool that can be applied to many of your program’s activities. What has been your experience with using technology to satisfy a training goal? Your comments may be helpful for our ShareSpot readers so please share your thoughts.

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