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Baylor College of Medicine - Harris Health System

Thomas Street Clinic
2015 Thomas Street
Houston, TX 77009

phone: (713) 873-4026
fax: (713) 873-4052
email: [email protected]

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Expertise/Specialty of LPS

Harris Health System’s Thomas Street Health Center (TSHC) is a freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic, which provides medical care as well as psychological and social services to those who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The center opened in 1989 and has a long history of treating and caring for patients living with HIV/AIDS. TSHC is the only HIV service provider in the Houston area that offers a same-day clinic for urgent care situations. The same day clinic is administered by a board certified physician in emergency medicine. In addition to the full range of medical and social services, TSHC offers HIV/AIDS related educational updates and programs for the health care professional community. The center is supported by a network of several health centers from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston (UT Health), which provides faculty leadership so patients and health professionals are aware and receive the latest in HIV treatments and medications for HIV/AIDS related care.

Training/Educational Opportunities

As a Local Performance Site of the South Central AETC, Harris Health System’s Thomas Street Health Center provides the latest in didactic training (Level I and II) through noontime lunch conferences for all levels of service providers and ancillary staff, and Preceptorships (Level III) for physician, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurse professionals. The AETC faculty also provides provider to provider medical consultations (Level IV). Technical service type presentations are available (Level V) for groups, determined by need on a case by case basis. On-site educational services in this region are also available and can be coordinated. We are available for planning and implementing symposiums/conferences and have resources to local and national speakers in a goal to provide information to improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Clinical Consultation

Clinical consultations are provided to physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, LVNs, and physician assistants on a variety of topics, including antiretroviral therapy, drug interactions and resistance, HIV/AIDS treatment management, co-morbidities in HIV/AIDS care and social service programs aimed at attracting and retaining patients in care To arrange your training or consultation, please contact: Jeff Benavides at 713-873-4026, or email: [email protected] Clinic hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday