Border Projects Showcased on National and International Stages

AETC members of the Federal Training Center Collaborative (FTCC) Border Project were busy in Washington, DC in July at the International AIDS Conference (IAC). We participated in a pre-conference, invitation-only satellite session on HIV and migration and represented the larger group for a poster session that described our 10 years of collaboration on the border.  Those attending also organized a United States-Mexico HIV border-binational partnerships reception that was similar to an event we held at the 2008 IAC in Mexico City.  The 2012 reception recognized the following individuals for their extraordinary support of collaboration across the border and across U.S. government agencies to support continuity of care for HIV-infected migrants in the border region.

  • Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA 34th District)
  • Dr. Diana Schneider (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE)
  • Dr. José Antonio Izazola (Centro Nacional para la prevención y el Control del VIH/SIDA or CENSIDA)
  • Dan Reyna (deceased, U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission or USMBHC)

We were honored to have in attendance Dr. Nils Daulaire, Director of the HHS Office of Global Health Affairs, HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau’s Barbara Aranda-Naranjo, Lynn Wegman, Diana Travieso Palow, and more than 70 border/binational health dignitaries, HIV providers, and advocates. To learn more about the contributions of these individuals, watch this brief, engaging video from the event.

Ryan White Grantee Meeting Plans

Our AETC border collaborative members from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will co-present  in an interactive skills-building workshop Guidance to Different Approaches to Clinical Capacity Building on the United States-Mexico Border on Wednesday November 28th at 3:30 pm. Don’t miss out on seeing some of the border’s top trainers in action!  We will demonstrate diverse collaborative uses of technologies including website and webinar development, distance meeting and learning, and best practices in the use of Audience Response Systems (ARS) to enhance learning through participant interaction. We will also have several posters featuring both established best practices and new experiments to improve our services on the border. If you are going to AGM, please join us!

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