HIV Meds Updates: Fast Takes - ATV & Rilpivirine / Rifabutin

ATV pediatric powder formulation

An oral powder formulation of atazanavir has been approved by the FDA for use in infants and children older than 3 months and weighing 10 to <25 kg. It must administered with ritonavir, and used in combination with other antiretrovirals. For infants, it may be mixed with formula (or other liquid) and given with an oral syringe or cup. For older infants and young children, it may be mixed with yogurt or applesauce.

Dosing recommendations and other information are available in the updated product label, available at [email protected].

Rilpivirine and rifabutin

Serum concentrations of rilpivirine are substantially reduced by rifabutin. New PK data indicate that increasing the dosage of rilpivirine will overcome this interaction. Thus, the manufacturer now recommends that rilpivirine should be dosed at 50 mg once daily for patients concurrently taking rifabutin (ie, two 25 mg tablets of rilpivirine or 1 Complera tablet + 25 mg of rilpivirine once daily), taken at the same time and with a meal.