6th Annual Rural HIV Research and Training Conference

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The Rural HIV Research and Training Conference is a two-day forum for exchanging the latest information and learning the newest tools to address the challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in rural communities.

1. Discuss HIV-related research with a particular focus on medical, social, and psychological realities.
2. Identify emerging models for integrating primary and behavioral health into HIV/AIDS care.
3. Identify HIV-related challenges and empowerment opportunities as they pertain to rural populations.
4. Identify HIV-related best practices for advocacy, prevention, and intervention in rural communities.
5. Provide continuing education training for health and human service professionals using evidence-based behavior change tools for improving physical health and mental well-being.
6. Address HIV-related ethical issues associated with providing primary care, mental health, and social services.
7. Discuss current trends in epidemiology, treatment and long-term outcomes.