8th Annual ANAC Conference

Image of MidAtlantic AETC graphic identity
621 W Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

NAC 8th Annual Conference: Innovations on the Road to End the HIV Epidemic: Update on Technologies, Modalities and Prevention


  • Discover newly developed tools to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Examine the mechanisms of injectable medications for prevention and treatment
  • Review new innovations and the latest local research on PreP
  • Learn the latest approach to control the opioid crisis
  • Plus HIV conference and  research updates on apps and technology to improve adherence and the quality of life in our HIV infected patients.


A variety of the listed topics will be discussed at this event.

  • Behavioral Prevention
  • HIV Transmission Risk Assessment
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Other biomedical prevention
  • HIV diagnosis (i.e. HIV testing)