CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting

At the end of this meeting, participants will be able to:
  • Implement skills and techniques to mentor colleagues, residents and learners in the areas of teaching and research.
  • Utilize new skills to recognize and manage burnout among your colleagues.
  • Foster a learning environment of wellness in your program.
  • Recognize and develop new ways to enhance the increasing role of community-based physicians in teaching students and residents.
  • Implement and utilize simulation training in the learning environment.
  • Adopt skills and tools to facilitate academic promotion.
  • Explore means of international educational opportunities in your program.
  • Implement the Milestones into your daily teaching and evaluation.
  • Recognize the importance of diversity and cultural awareness in teaching scenarios.
  • Recognize skills to educate learners on sexual abuse.
  • Implement educational tools for learning in rural environments.
  • Apply strategies to deal with dysfunctional behavior in residents.
  • Implement standardized evaluation systems of learners into your program.
  • Describe the ever-changing health care economic environment and its impact of medical education.
  • Describe challenges in fellowship education