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HIV Management: The New York Course

The Times Center
242 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036

This advanced CME activity will provide participants with state-of-the-art information and practical guidance from internationally recognized experts on progress in managing HIV and viral hepatitis, including drug development and treatment, management of important comorbidities, and drug-drug interactions. The discussions at this meeting will allow clinicians to provide the highest quality of care in a variety of practice settings.

The primary goals of this activity are to increase each attendee’s competence to:

  • Identify new antiretroviral drugs and drug combinations while exploring answers to uncertainties in treatment strategies
  • Determine optimal approaches to diagnosis and treatment of important co-morbidities in patients with HIV infection, such as tuberculosis, malignancies and sexually transmitted infections
  • Detail current and developing treatment options for managing patients with viral hepatitis and its complications, including in special populations
  • Examine advances as well as controversies related to the transplantation of infected organs
  • Evaluate approaches and expert strategies geared toward preventing care provider burnout
  • Detail local, national, and international efforts to end the global epidemics of HIV and Hepatitis