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Managing Medical Distrust Symposium: Actionable Steps to Cultivate Trust with Communities of Color

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External Sponsor(s):
Denver Prevention Training Center, California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center

The purpose of this virtual symposium is to provide attendees with information about how medical mistrust and distrust have adversely impacted efforts to end the HIV epidemic. Attendees will learn strategies to engage meaningfully with priority populations to address medical mistrust and distrust and increase the trustworthiness of healthcare providers, to help end the HIV epidemic.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe medical mistrust and its historical context in discrimination and racism with communities of color
  • Explain the adverse impact of medical mistrust on ending the HIV epidemic
  • Identify language, policy, and practice that breeds mistrust and healthcare disengagement
  • Identify conceptual frameworks and best practices that inform actionable steps at the individual, organization, and systems-level to foster trust with communities of color