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Mountain West Transforming Care Conference

AETC Sponsor(s): Mountain West AETC


AETC Sponsor(s): Utah AETC


This comprehensive conference covers various topics along the HIV care continuum, encompassing those unique experiences of individuals with a gender-diverse experience. The overall goal is to aid in the healthcare industry's de-siloing and understanding the intersectionality of HIV, HCV, Transgender/Gender Diverse Health, and Sexual Health fields. It will review, in detail, the medical management of gender-affirming hormone therapy in adults and adolescents, the surgical interventions common in gender-affirming surgeries, and the role of mental health providers in assisting a person through the transition process.

The goal is to raise advanced awareness and familiarize prescribing providers of the unique challenges transgender folx face today, skills to address those challenges, and how they fit in among the more extensive system of care.

Target Audience:

Prescribing Medical Providers, Mental Health Practitioners, Community Health Workers, Social Workers, Disease Intervention Specialists, Community Members, Ancillary Office Staff