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Transforming Care Conference on LGBTQ+ and HIV Health Equity

External Sponsor(s):
Equitas Health
Fawcett Center
2400 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Stay tuned for information about whether this year's conference will be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of each.

The theme for the 2020 Transforming Care Conference on LGBTQ+ and HIV Health Equity is The Invisibles. The conference will focus on those within the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities who largely go unnoticed in public health narratives.

Health disparities exist because oppression exists: one-size-fits-all healthcare actually only fits a privileged few. Eliminating health disparities requires more than a one-size solution. This conference will focus on strategies and models to promote health equity for LGBTQ+ people with HIV, and other comorbid conditions like cancer, substance use disorder, and mental health disorder. These discussions go beyond standard HIV treatment and prevention efforts that focus on same-gender loving cis men, which often re-enforce stigma and leave trans people and cis women and their providers unaware of their risk.