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What's New in Opioids, Mental Health, HIV, and STIs - Day 1 of 2

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AETC Sponsor(s):
External Sponsor(s):
STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, The Danya Institute-Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Rutgers Global Tuberculosis Institute, and DC Area Health and Education Centers-Georgetown University

This conference will focus on the integration efforts that support a collaborative healthcare approach. Current medical updates in services for STIs, HIV, TB, hepatitis, family planning, and addictions will be discussed.

Conference Objectives:
  • State current practice in the care and treatment of STIs, HIV, TB, and hepatitis
  • Explain how to screen clients for substance abuse issues
  • Identify Population at risk for HIV/STIs/Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Demonstrate effective team skills by sharing information effectively, listening and responding to feedback from others, and using simple communication

CEUs are available for this 2-part series. To receive credit, you must attend both days.