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World AIDS Day Conference: Trauma in the Time of HIV and COVID-19 (Day 2)

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According to the CDC, more than 36.9 million people are living with HIV worldwide. Recent scientific breakthroughs as well as various prevention efforts now point to the possibility of an AIDS-Free generation.  The World AIDS Day 2020 conference will bring together experts in the fields of HIV and Trauma-Informed Care in order to enable physicians, nurses, and other HIV care providers to develop skills to improve clinical outcomes and service delivery in a diverse population.  Experts will discuss the intersection of HIV and trauma with a variety of methods and modalities.

Day 2 will focus on the social determinants of health, HIV, COVID-19, and trauma. 


Francine Cournos, MD
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University
Principal Investigator, Northeast/Caribbean AETC

Contact the MidAtlantic AETC at [email protected] or at 412-624-1895 with questions or concerns. 

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