Engagement in Care Toolkit: Introduction and Overview

February 2014

Developed by the AETC Engagement in Care Workgroup

Using this Toolkit

There are two main components to this toolkit: resources and tools related to capacity building for engagement, and overviews of evidence-based engagement interventions. The flowcharts below outline ways for clinics and trainers to navigate these tools.

Clinic FlowchartTrainer Flowchart
Clinic flowchart
Trainer flowchart

Background and Rationale for Workgroup

In January 2013, the AETC National Resource Center (NRC) hosted a training exchange to share the recommendations from the Guidelines for Improving Entry Into and Retention in Care and Antiretroviral Adherence for Persons with HIV. Presenters reviewed evidence-based recommendations for improving entry into and retention in care, and improving medication adherence for persons with HIV infection.


This training exchange, along with the need for more efforts to be focused on linkage/engagement/retention in care as see in the United States (U.S.) Continuum of Care, inspired the AETC NRC to create the Engagement in Care Workgroup. This workgroup developed this Engagement in Care Toolkit for use by AETCs and HIV clinical program staff to determine capacity building needs for engagement in care as well as to compare engagement in care strategies.

It includes the following:

  • Flowcharts for how clinicians and trainers can use the tools (see above)
  • A list of lessons learned in developing AETC Program partnerships with clinics/health centers
  • A clinic readiness assessment to increase engagement in care outcomes
  • A list of resources
  • An engagement in care strategy chart
  • Additional strategy-specific tools, and evaluation tips

This toolkit includes evidence-based interventions for linkage, engagement, and retention in on-going HIV-related health care services for persons with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.


Workgroup Members: Jenna Kah Bardwell (Leader), Michael Mugavero (Leader), John Nelson (Leader), Johnathan Allen-Cohn, Melanie Thompson, Jamie Steiger, Janet Myers, Donna Gallagher, Marla Corwin, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Steve Bromer, Tom Donohoe, Nicolé Mandel, Andrea Norberg, Deborah Konkle-Parker, Susa Coffey, Susan Richardson, Daria Boccher-Lattimore, Karen McKinnon, Carina Rodriguez, Alicia Marion, Rivet Amico, Michael Hager, Diana Travieso Palow, Dieunita Gamliel, Melinda Tinsley, Lisa Hightow-Weidman, Lytt Gardner, Renée Powell, Laura Donnelly, Jane Fox, Saniyyah Mahmoudi, Barbara Schechtman, Kevin Khamarko, Timothy Horn, Amy Wohl, Robert Remien