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HIV and African American Gay and Bisexual Men 2/7/2019
HIV and Hispanics/Latinos 11/1/2018
HIV Prevention for Hispanic/Latino Gay and Bisexual Men 11/1/2018
Assisting HIV Patients Returning to Mexico and Central America / Asistiendo a los Pacientes que Regresan a México y Centroamérica 9/20/2018
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Opioid Users 1/1/2018
HIV, AIDS, and Older People 11/28/2017
ADAP Coverage of Treatment and Services for Aging People Living with HIV (PLWH) 7/31/2017
Information for Health Care Providers with Patients Who Have Been Detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 1/17/2017
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Women with Substance Use Disorders 12/7/2016
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Tobacco Users 9/15/2016
Addressing Organizational Barriers to HIV Care: Lessons Learned from AIDS United’s Positive Charge Initiative 7/18/2016
HIV Among American Indians and Alaska Natives 4/26/2016
Delivering Interprofessional Education and Teaching Teamwork 2/15/2016
Interprofessional Education & Practice 2/10/2016
Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Competencies 2/10/2016
Covering the cost of PrEP Care 12/31/2015
Short and Simple: Screening and Brief Intervention Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Alcohol and Drug Users 10/2/2014
Tips for Implementing Routine HIV Screening on the U.S. - Mexico Border 6/20/2014
Black Americans and HIV/AIDS 4/30/2014
The Change Concepts for Practice Transformation: Overview 5/1/2013 10/24/2018
Consumer Fact Sheets on Side Effects of HIV Medicines 2/1/2007 2/12/2016

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HIV/AIDS among Hispanic Women/Latinas 8/27/2015
HIV/AIDS and Hispanic/Latino Youth 7/29/2015
HIV/AIDS among Hispanics/Latinos and Injection Drug Use (IDU) 5/5/2015
HIV/AIDS among Hispanics/Latinos and Heterosexual Contact 2/2/2015
Comparison of Health Homes and Patient Centered Medical Homes - SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions 3/13/2014
Oral Health and HIV 2/28/2014
Today's HIV/AIDS Epidemic 12/1/2013
Medical Marijuana: What HIV Providers Need to Know Fact Sheet 8/5/2013
Stigma and HIV: Addressing engagement in care for Latino MSM along the U.S./Mexico border 6/1/2013
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Alcohol Users 9/20/2012
HIV in the United States: The Stages of Care 7/1/2012
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Crack Cocaine Users 5/19/2011
HIV Antiretroviral (ARV) Treatment: Guidelines and Strategies for Correctional Health Care Providers 3/1/2010
Tips for HIV Clinicians Working with Methamphetamine Users 1/8/2010
The Basics of HIV Screening and Testing 1/1/2009
Getting the Discussion Started with Methamphetamine Users: Essential Health Messages for Providers 8/1/2007
Routine HIV Testing in Healthcare Settings: A Guide to Reconciliation of the CDC's Revised Testing Guidelines of September 2006 and State Law 11/1/2006
CDC Fact Sheet on Flu and HIV 1/1/2006
African Americans/Black Fact Sheet 1/1/2006
American Indian, Alaska Natives Fact Sheet 1/1/2006
Asian and Pacific Islander Fact Sheet 1/1/2006
Native Hawaiian Fact Sheet 1/1/2006
Hispanic/Latino Fact Sheet 1/1/2006
Buprenorphine in the Context of HIV 8/1/2005
HIV Nutrition Education Fact Sheet 1/1/2004