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HAB HIV/AIDS Core Clinical Performance Measures for Adults & Adolescents 11/6/2013
Maximizing HIV Care Reimbursement in 2014 8/21/2013
Webinar Management Tools 1/1/2012
The ACTS Model of HIV Testing (Adapted for Rapid HIV Testing and Counseling) 11/1/2011
Twitter for the AETC Network 10/1/2011
LinkedIn for the AETC Network 8/1/2011
Facebook for the AETC Network 7/1/2011
Going to College to Get a Degree, Should Not Include HIV - African American 1/3/2011
Getting Started: HIV Integration Checklist 1/1/2011
HIV Testing Worksheet for Implementing Services 1/1/2011
HIV Testing and Screening Cost and Reimbursement 1/1/2011
Assessing the Integration of Adult Learning Principles in AETC Training Programs 11/1/2010
Supporting Development and Implementation of Adult Learning in AETC Education and Clinical Training 12/1/2009
Presentation Skills Primer 12/1/2009
Opt-Out Form for Patients 11/5/2009
AIDS Education and Training Centers Network Orientation Guide - A Resource for Getting to Know the AETCs 10/1/2009
The AETC Trainers' Reference and Resource Manual 9/1/2009
Issues 1-7: Rationales and Teaching Tips 4/1/2009
Connecting HIV Infected Patients to Care: A Primer for Clinicians 1/1/2009
Speaker - Presentation Information Packet & Checklist 7/1/2008
Cultural Competency Organizational Self Assessment (OSA) Question Bank 12/1/2006
Application of Adult Learning Theory to Clinical Training 11/30/2006
Training Toolkit 1/1/2006
Clinical Mentoring Toolkit 1/1/2006
Inserting Images into PowerPoint: Handout 9/1/2005
Using PowerPoint 1/1/2005
Theoretical Foundations of Learning and Teaching 1/1/2005
Checklist of Training Skills 8/1/2004
Training Program/Activity Worksheet 1/1/2004
Adult Learning Theory and Advanced Training Skills 9/1/2003
Expert Observer Rating Tool 10/15/2002
Developing Case Presentations for Clinical Training 4/5/2002
Illustrative Quality Assurance Checklist for Interpersonal Communication 8/1/1997
Trainee Reactions to Training Form (Module 54 Overview) 1/1/1995
Trainee Reactions to Trainings Follow-up Form (Module 55 Overview) 1/1/1995