12th Annual National Conference on HIV/AIDS and Aging, 2016

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Presentation slides and supplemental resources from the 12th Annual National Conference on HIV & Aging, September 23, 2016, Dorchester, MA. Presentations include:

  • Setting the Stage and Continuum,  H. Dawn Fukuda Sc.M.
  • HIV and Aging Update, Paul E. Sax, M.D
  • Hepatitis and Aging, Arthur Y. Kim, MD
  • The Hepatitis Movement, Robert Greenwald, JD 
  • HIV and Aging in the Homeless Population, H. Dawn Fukuda Sc.M.
  • Mental Health & Aging, Kristen E. Porter, PhD
  • Issues of Substance Use and HIV in Aging Population, Joe Wright, MD, AAHIVS




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