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The "Are You Covered?" campaign is focused on improving the percentage of clients who renew their Early Intervention Program (Washington State's ADAP) eligibility paperwork on time. We found that 14% of clients in our TGA were having 1-2 month lapses in access to medical and dental care and HIV medications due to not meeting their renewal deadlines on time. As this was also an issue for clients throughout Washington State, we decided to do a collaborative QI project with WA DOH ADAP program for this campaign. As a result the materials went out to all Ryan White funded HIV case management providers in the State of Washington as well as the HIV care providers and clinics throughout the state that most often request reimbursement for HIV care. This campaign is slightly more focused on encouraging communication between clients and case managers than previous campaigns that were focused on communication with medical providers. The campaign is available in English and Spanish. The materials used in this campaign are available to anyone to download and print at Contact: Rebecca Hutcheson, Quality Management Program Manager, at [email protected].

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