ARTAS Linkage Case Management Tools


Summary prepared by the AETC Engagement in Care Workgroup


  • Short-term (5 or fewer sessions over 90 day period) evidence-based intervention. To link and engage HIV+ persons into care and transition them into long-term case management services as needed


  • Focuses on the linkage and engagement of People with HIV into care as soon as possible (<1 year) after initial HIV diagnosis
  • Strengths-based or person-centered case management
  • More effective with those >25 years old. Not currently substance (non-IVD) using, Hispanic-identifying, stably housed, and co-located HIV medical care and linkage case management services


  • Staffing, training (3-day initial training), and strong interagency collaboration necessary

Resources Required

  • Designated staff with appropriate training; strong communication and linkage between ALCM and HIV testing providers/department (DOH, ED, CBO, etc.)

Model Programs

  • County of LA –Public Health Division HIV and STD Programs
    Contact: Amy Wohl
    Email: [email protected]
  • MAI Program, Florida Department of Health
    Contact: Bridget Giles
    Phone: 850-245-4444, ext. 2442
    Email: [email protected]



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