Breaking the Chain of Infection: Providers Working in Corrections Session 2

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(Recorded November 9, 2020) This series provides best practices and updates for HIV, viral hepatitis, and STI treatment in the correctional setting.

  • Overview of current treatment Guidelines within New Hampshire DOC, presented by Thomas Groblewsi, DO & Ryan Landry RN-BC, MSN.
  • Corrections to Community: The Importance of STI/HIV Testing, Prevention, and Treatment, presented by Dr. John Winters. The focus of the presentation is on the conversation of social and sexual health in the correctional setting. The session addresses:
    • The importance of testing a vulnerable population for both STIs and HIV.
    • The benefits and challenges of increasing access to STI and HIV testing, prevention, and treatment for both the individual and the population.
    • The challenges and difficulties as patients transition from the correctional setting to the community.
  • Prison Peer Education Project: NMPEP/INPEP, presented by Daniel Rowan, CPSW & Andrea Janota, MPH. Prison Peer education provides an effective method for disseminating vital health information to the general prison population while providing meaningful opportunities for incarcerated men and women to develop marketable skills and build self-efficacy. The ECHO Model as it relates to medical settings is also discussed.
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