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Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

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Photo of medical professionals and students
This report is inspired by a vision of interprofessional collaborative practice as key to the safe, high quality, accessible, patient-centered care desired by all. Achieving that vision for the future requires the continuous development of interprofessional competencies by health professions students as part of the learning process, so that they enter the workforce ready to practice effective teamwork and team-based care. Our intent was to build on each profession’s expected disciplinary competencies in defining competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice. These disciplinary competencies are taught within the professions.

The development of interprofessional collaborative competencies (interprofessional education), however, requires moving beyond these profession-specific educational efforts to engage students of different professions in interactive learning with each other. Being able to work effectively as members of clinical teams while students is a fundamental part of that learning.

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