Creating a Jail Linkage Program: Tools from the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices Program

training manual cover

These Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP) training resources synthesize lessons learned from the federally funded, innovative Special Projects of National Significance Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care and Services in Jail Settings Initiative, otherwise known as the EnhanceLink Initiative. Approximately 85 percent of incarcerated persons in the United States pass solely through jails, yet most interventions focus exclusively on prisons. The EnhanceLink Initiative thus fills an important void. The related IHIP training tools provide information on components of a jail linkage program and highlight best practices from successful EnhanceLink 
grantees so that readers have the necessary information to replicate and implement this work. The target audience includes health care provider sites and community partners with an interest and need to work with incarcerated populations, particularly HIV-positive jail inmates and the recently released.

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