E-learn Collaborative Webinar: Advanced PowerPoint Skills 2013

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The overall aim of the E-Learn Collaborative is to provide a foundation for the planning and activities of new educational and presentational technologies in the AETC network. New technologies provide ways to efficiently and effectively train people, but they also have limitations and specific benefits. The E-Learn Committee seeks to understand the benefits, adapt to the limitations and promote appropriate use of new technologies in the AETC network by sharing resources and lessons learned.

Webinar Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:

- Understand image usage and copyright guidelines for educational materials
- Learn how to "grab" and enhance images for PowerPoint presentations
- Learn the advantages of using templates in PowerPoint to reduce file size and improve design
- Learn to create a custom template to reflect your organization’s branding
- Identify at least 2 trainings on PowerPoint & features of Lynda.com

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