Engaging Persons Living with HIV in Discussions About Conception and Reproductive Health Intentions

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Webinar objectives:

  • Identify stigmatizing vs. empowering language for provider communications with persons living with HIV
  • Discuss a rights-based approach to reproductive health care in the context of HIV
  • Explain the rationale for discussing reproductive intentions with persons living with HIV
  • Recognize examples of empowering, rights-based approaches to reproductive planning with persons living with/affected by HIV


  • Lynn Roberts, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health, at City University of New York - School of Public Health.
  • Meg Sullivan, MD, Clinical Director of HIV Services at Boston Medical Center
  • Vickie Lynn MSW, MPH, College of Public Health,  University of South Florida
  • Valerie Wojeciechowicz, 4 HIVHelp


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