First Visit Basics: A Guide for Primary Care Providers

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This guide is intended to help clinicians initiate care for HIV-infected patients. As with other chronic conditions, it is important that people with HIV be seen on an on-going basis and at regular intervals. The first visit provides a critical opportunity to establish rapport for a productive health-care relationship. This guide lays the groundwork for continuing care, provides a succinct description of the initial history and physical, and lists easily accessible resources.

In addition, we have provided two sample flow sheets that can be used to document care for your HIV-infected patients. The recommendations provided in the health maintenance flow sheets are based on information from currently available guidelines. Please consult the resources at the end of this publication for the most up to date information. The sample flow sheets may be copied or modified for your personal or clinic use. To order printed copies, please contact Lisa Lawrence at the Colorado AETC.


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