A Guide for Evaluation and Treatment of Hepatitis C in Adults Coinfected with HIV

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In support of its initiative to develop and evaluate models to integrate HCV treatment into HIV primary care (through the Special Projects of National Significance [SPNS] program), HRSA/HAB has developed this guide for clinicians in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of HCV in the setting of HIV primary care. This guide is not intended to replace the need for expert consultation in the management of complex issues related to HCV treatment in persons with HIV coinfection. Rather, it should provide a quick reference in key aspects of HCV care and treatment for HIV-infected patients. Over the course of the SPNS HCV initiative, HRSA/HAB will update this guide based on input from the HCV SPNS grantees and advances in HCV care and treatment.

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Topic(s): Viral Hepatitis Coinfection

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