Healthy Border 2020: A Prevention and Health Promotion Initiative

U.S.- Mexico Border Health Commission

The Healthy Border (HB) 2020 is a binational initiative of the U.S.-México Border Health Commission that focuses on the public health issues prevalent among binational border populations and establishes the Commission’s border regional agenda on health promotion and disease prevention.

HB 2020 comprises measurable and binationally relevant goals and objectives that bring together key regional partners to develop and support policy change and culturally appropriate, evidence-based interventions.

It addresses five public health priorities of binational concern, including chronic and degenerative diseases; infectious diseases; maternal and child health; mental health and addiction; and injury prevention. These priorities reflect the work of a diverse group of public health professionals, academicians, and other border stakeholders and organizations assembled to serve as a border binational technical work group tasked to develop a binational strategic plan that border stakeholders can use to coordinate public health responses at the binational, state, and local levels.

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