Help Your Patients Engage In Their Health Care

Patient and Family Engagement Resources for Use In Primary Care Offices

AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit

This toolkit offers primary care practices a way to assess their services for health literacy considerations, raise awareness of the entire staff, and work on specific areas.

Improving Your Office Testing Process: Patient Engagement Survey

Use this survey to assess your patients' understanding about medical tests and their knowledge about what to do after getting test results.

Be More Involved In Your Health Care: Tips for Patients

Give this brochure to new and returning patients so they can learn tips to use before, during, and after their medical appointment.

My Questions for This Visit

Ask your front office staff to display these notepads so patients can write down their top three questions for their visit.

Waiting Room Video

Use this 7-minute video in your office waiting room to help patients learn from 12 real patients and clinicians about the importance of asking questions and sharing information.  

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