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HIV and Aging Toolkit

Note: This is an archived resource. It is provided here for general reference, but users are advised to refer to other sources to confirm information. See full site Disclaimer.

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This toolkit was developed for use for members of the  AETC Program and HIV health care professionals  to serve as a resource guide on HIV and aging. The information contained in this toolkit is divided into 4 categories- Prevention, Assessment, Treatment, Psychosocial.  Each category aligns with the stages of the HIV Treatment Cascade to highlight the significance of comprehensive identification, care, and treatment specific to this population.  The following are included in this toolkit including, videos on topics related to HIV and aging; a compendium of evidence-based information with associated annotated bibliographies to summarize each reference; an HIV and aging infographic.

Workgroup members: Renée Powell (coordinator), Dorcas Baker, Kirsten Balano, Jenna Bardwell, Greg Melcher, Rosemary Donnelly, Phuu P. Han, Marcia Holstad, Piedad Suarez-Durall, Elizabeth Sherman, Lydia Barakat, Linda Frank, Donna Gallagher, Shawan Fisher, Luis Espinoza 

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