The Improvement Journey: From Beginning to Continued Improvement

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This presentation includes three key subjects to assist RWHAP recipients in building a sustainable quality management program: basic principles and practice of quality improvement, using data to inform improvements, and sustaining the program and conducting effective evaluations. Basic information on the practice of quality improvement will be introduced and will give attendees the opportunity to discuss their application with the presenters. The performance measurement piece will build on the HAB presentation on Policy Clarification Notice 15-02 concerning the requirements for a clinical quality management program. Real-world examples will be introduced to elucidate key concepts. The workshop then moves into the importance of using data to improve and how to conduct successful PDSA Cycles. These cycles are key to introducing change to an organization in an organized fashion. Lastly, we discuss strengthening the clinical quality management program, including how to manage effective CQM committees, assess the current program using standardized tools, and how to write/routinely update QM plans and corresponding work plans. Attendees are introduced to a validated OA tool and taught how to apply it using a case study.


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