Lessons Learned from the H4C Collaborative: What Other States Can Learn from this Improvement Initiative

Image of map indicating the H4C Participating States

The National Quality Center (NQC) provides technical assistance (TA) to more than 90 percent of all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) recipients and has established itself as the premier TA center for clinical quality management (CQM). In 2014, NQC and HAB launched a new cross-part collaborative aimed at improving recipient performance along the HIV Care Continuum. This initiative, called HIV Cross-Part Care Continuum Collaborative (H4C), involved all RWHAP recipients from five states: Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Ohio. The goals were to build regional CQM capacity to close gaps across the HIV care continuum and to implement joint QI activities to coordinate

HIV services seamlessly across all parts. Each quantitative and qualitative collaborative goal was achieved (e .g ., all states had key CQM infrastructure components in place, including the establishment of written statewide QM plans and local statewide response teams; viral load suppression increased from 74.2 percent to 79.2 percent and the last data submission cycle included 79 agencies across five states with over 31,000 patients).

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