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PrEP Training Videos

A series of 7 short training videos on different topics related to PrEP. Access and register for each video individually. Dr. Kevin L. Ard, MD, MPH, Medical Director of The National LGBT Health Education Center, a program of The Fenway Institute, and the Director of the Sexual Health Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, is the facilitator for all video segments. Average recording time is between 15-20 minutes. 

PrEP and PEP 
PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), the difference between the two, and best practices for prescribing and monitoring.

PrEP for Serodifferent Couples 
Best practices for delivering the PrEP HIV intervention (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to serodifferent couples.

PrEP and Gender Diverse Communities 
Dr. Kevin L. Ard is joined by Julie Thompson, PA-C, Director of Transgender Health Program at Fenway Community Health Center, to deliver a segment on PrEP for gender-diverse communities. This talk covers topics such as the intersectionality of identities and health disparities for gender-diverse people and recent results from the U.S. transgender survey.

PrEP and Sexually Transmitted Infections 
Dr. Kevin L. Ard is joined by Dr. Ken Mayer, MD, who is Co-Chair and Medical Research Director of The Fenway Institute and also a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, to deliver a segment on PrEP and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In this video, Dr. Ard and Dr. Mayer discuss the issue of "risk compensation," the evidence for or against the idea of risk compensation, risk maintenance, and best clinical practice for engaging patients in PrEP and conversations about their sexual health history.

PrEP for Adolescents 
Dr. Kevin L. Ard is joined by Dr. Ann Neilan, Infectious Disease Specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, who is also a researcher who focuses on the care and prevention of HIV among adolescents and young adults, to cover the specific health disparities of and considerations for the adolescent LGBTQ community and best practices for engaging youth in prevention through the delivery of the PrEP HIV intervention.

Building Programs for PrEP 
Building successful programs to deliver the PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) HIV intervention. Dr. Ard discusses the key tasks involved in creating a successful PrEP program, including how to support medication and monitoring adherence, and how to link patients to financial and medication assistance programs.

Basic PrEP Management
Basic PrEP management.

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