Recommendations for Providers Assisting HIV Patients Returning to Mexico


What's Available in Mexico

Nearly all HIV medications available in the United States are now available to Mexican citizens in Mexico through a range of public and private programs. Access to HIV medications in Mexico has expanded greatly in the past decade.

HIV Treatment in Mexico

Each state has an HIV/AIDS director responsible for coordinating treatment and prevention programs. You or your patient can contact this person to determine the availability of HIV diagnostic tests and HIV medications in the state to which your patient is returning. Patients are treated either in general hospitals or in CAPASITS (HIV specialty clinics: "Centro Ambulatorio de Prevención y Atención en SIDA e ITS"). The CAPASITS network was introduced in Mexico in 2005 and is still expanding. As of 2016, it comprised 76 centers around the country. See below for a link to CAPASITS locations.

What Patients Will Need

Patients must enroll for care and provide certain documents to be eligible to receive medications. To speed the process, encourage your patients to bring the following:


  • Positive HIV antibody test result
  • Patient's CURP number ("Clave Unica de Registro de Población" -- Mexican federal I.D. number.)
  • Patients can look this up online: (Spanish)


  • If available, 3 month supply of their current HIV medications
  •  A recent CD4+ T cell count
  •  A recent viral load test result
  •  Copy of patient's chart including complete antiretroviral treatment history, including resistance test results

Connecting to Care in Mexico

Note: HIV-positive patients may be seen at CAPASITS for three months without a CURP number. If you have any questions, please email Tom Donohoe at [email protected].

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