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Stigma Can’t Win: HIV and Hep B Among African Immigrants (webinar recording)

(Recorded September 20, 2018) High levels of stigma within African immigrant communities in the U.S. affect HIV and hepatitis screening, access to care, medical adherence, retention in care and disclosure. This continues to undermine health outcomes for African immigrants with or at risk for HIV or hepatitis. In this webinar recording, healthcare providers and African immigrants with HIV/hepatitis share their personal experiences, lessons learned, and initiatives focused on dismantling stigma.

  • Identify the root causes of HIV and hepatitis-related stigma.
  • Identify the effects of stigma.
  • Understand how prevention-related stigma is different from the stigma of having HIV or hepatitis.
  • Hear from African immigrants with HIV/hepatitis about the impact that stigma has had on their lives stigma. 
  • Understand the implications for service delivery, research, and advocacy.
  • Identify strategies to help address stigma to improve hepatitis B and HIV screening and access to care.

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