Substance Use, HIV, and Women: What Providers Need to Know

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The purpose of this introductory training is to provide HIV clinicians (including, but not limited to physicians, dentists, nurses, and other allied medical staff, therapists and social workers, and counselors, specialists, and case managers) with a detailed overview of substance use disorders and HIV among women.

The curriculum reviews important epidemiological data focused on substance use trends in women and HIV prevalence; reviews standardized screening and assessment techniques to support the move to improve treatment effectiveness; and concludes with evidence-based and promising clinical strategies. The introductory training includes a 112-slide PowerPoint presentation, Trainer Guide, and a companion 2-page fact sheet.

The duration of the training is approximately 90-120 minutes, depending on whether the trainer chooses to present all of the slides, or a selection of slides. For example, slides 83-102 represent information about interventions, and can be eliminated if you choose to end the training with the discussion about gender-responsive care on slide 82.

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