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Suicide and People with HIV


(Recorded on 10/12/2020)

This training provides an overview of statistics on suicide and people with HIV and people who are using substances and discusses a patient assessment for suicidal ideation and how to determine safety. 

Presented by Erin M. Miers, PsyD

Program Objectives:

  1. Explain how suicidal ideation impacts people with HIV and people who are using substances.

  2. Describe behaviors that suggest possible suicidal ideation in patients. 

  3. Identify at least one national suicide prevention resource and what services they provide to individuals struggling with suicidal ideation.

  4. Identify at least one strategy to help with provider self-care around grief and death.

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Language: English

Topic(s): Mental / Behavioral Health, Stigma

Resource type: Webinar Recordings

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