TB Prevention in the HIV-Infected Patient: Screening, Testing, and Treatment of Latent TB Infection

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The primary target audience for these modules is clinicians working with patients who are coinfected with HIV and latent TB infection and HIV or patients who are at risk of coinfection with HIV and latent TB infection. TB and HIV experts from the Western Region wrote and present the case-based lessons in this course, which includes slides, audio narration, and interactive questions. To allow learners to tailor the learning experience to their needs, the course is offered in a modular format: its lessons can be taken separately or in any order. To fit into TB professionals' busy schedules, each lesson is 20 minutes or less in length. Introduction: Two Diseases, One Patient Presenter: L. Masae Kawamura, MD Module 1: Screening and Testing for Latent Tuberculosis Infection in HIV-Infected Persons Lesson 1: Selecting Screening Candidates and Methods Presenter: Annie Luetkemeyer, MD Lesson 2: Interpreting Test Results Presenter: Annie Luetkemeyer, MD Module 2: Treatment for Latent TB Infection in HIV-Infected Persons Lesson 3: Understanding TB-HIV Drug-Drug Interactions Presenter: William J. Burman, MD Lesson 4: Deciding When to Treat and Selecting the Regimen Presenter: Randall Reves, MD, MSc, and Robert W. Belknap, MD Lesson 5: Recognizing and Managing Hepatotoxicity During LTBI Treatment Presenter: Robert W. Belknap, MD

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