Technology and Training Workgroup Training Exchange

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The AETC Technology and Training Workgroup began meeting in January 2012 to identify, share, and develop resources and tools related to the topic of technology and training.

First, the group leaders presented a literature review on online learning. The workgroup also shared technology and training resources. Finally, to help the AETCs decide how to use technology for different training scenarios, the AETC Technology and Training Workgroup developed a technology and training toolkit for the AETC Network. This toolkit included blogs, an educational technology chart, evaluation tips, and frequently asked questions.

The training exchange brought together AETC administrators, faculty, and evaluators from across the country to share this tool, and to discuss the usefulness of this tool within the AETC network.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of this training exchange, participants will be able to:
  • Explain how to use the workgroup tools to begin to use technology for trainings
  • Explain two ways technology can be helpful for trainings
  • Identify how to evaluate different forms of technology
  • Describe how to apply technologies to different training scenarios

Workgroup Members

  • Jenna K. Bardwell (Workgroup Coordinator/Leader) - AETC NRC
  • Mary Jo Hoyt - AETC NRC
  • Katie Carroll - NY/NJ AETC
  • Jarret Cassaniti - NCHCMC
  • Judy Collins - AETC NRC
  • Laura Donnelly - SEATEC
  • Marjorie Douglas-Johnson - AETC NMC
  • Donna Gallagher - New England AETC
  • Matt Garofalo - Pennsylvania/MidAtlantic AETC
  • Adrena Harrison - SEATEC
  • Kevin Khamarko - AETC NEC
  • Michelle Kipper - Pacific AETC
  • Kim Koester - AETC NEC
  • Lisa Lawrence - Mountain Plains
  • Bruce Maeder - NW AETC
  • Nicolé Mandel - AETC NRC
  • Nathan McMullen - Florida/Caribbean AETC
  • Jim Meenaghan - New England AETC
  • Mari Millery - NY/NJ AETC
  • Mona Moore - NCHCMC
  • Deborah Phillips - TX/OK AETC
  • Marsha Royder - TX/OK AETC
  • Jaclyn Rubio - HRSA
  • Barbara Schechtman - MATEC
  • Jamie Steiger - AETC NRC
  • Tracy Tessman - Mountain Plains AETC
  • Diana Travieso Palow - HRSA
  • Lyn Wegman - HRSA
  • Amanda Wilkins - MATEC
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