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  • HIV and Heart Disease – NIH Explores the Connection

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    HIV-positive men and women can now live longer than ever before. A 2013 study found that a newly diagnosed 20-year-old on effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) can expect to live into their 70s, a lifespan only slightly lower than in people without HIV.[1] While this is great news, physicians...

  • Use of Dolutegravir in Dialysis

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    Dolutegravir has several characteristics that, in theory, suggest it will not be significantly removed by dialysis: It has a large apparent volume of distribution (17.4 L) and is highly protein bound (98.9%). A small study of 5 HIV-infected patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing...

  • Updated Opportunistic Infections Guidelines

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    New guidelines for OI prevention and treatment include major updates to all sections of the document. There are numerous changes in the recommendations for prevention, diagnosis, and management. Among the highlights are the following.

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