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HIV Care Continuum

The U.S. HIV Care Treatment Cascade

The continuum of engagement in HIV care is a framework for understanding the status of HIV care and treatment in the United States (Cheever 2007). An individual person with HIV may go through several stages and may also return to earlier stages of the continuum throughout his/her life (Cheever 2007). In order to understand how HIV care delivery fits into the continuum of care, Mugavero and colleagues created a framework through which care services can be better understood, with the ultimate goal of viral load suppression (Mugavero 2011). Viral load suppression not only improves individual health, but it also reduces HIV transmission on a population level (Das 2010, Montaner 2010).  

Chart data source: Indicator Supplement, In: National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States: Updated to 2020. December 2016.

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