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HIV Medication Pocket Guide

Colorado AETC of the Mountain West AETC has updated their tri-fold reference guide of current HIV medications. Included are infrequently used medications and formulations.

To order copies call Colorado...

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AIDSinfo Illustrated Glossary

This glossary of HIV/AIDS-related terms includes brief lay-oriented descriptions and illustrations. Materials are in the public domain and may be used freely. The glossary and images are also availabl...

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HIV Medication Chart Pad

Colorado AETC of the Mountain West AETC has updated its HIV medication chart for providers and patients. This resource features all currently approved antiretroviral drugs and is available as a pad wi...

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AETC National HIV Curriculum

The National HIV Curriculum (NHC) provides free, up-to-date content for clinicians to learn about HIV diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The 37 lessons and corresponding question bank topics offer...

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

SAMHSA provides resources related to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for the treatment of substance use disorders. MAT is the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral the...

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HIV & Aging


  • Identify issues associated with treating older individuals with HIV infection
  • Discuss epidemiology and risk factors of co-morbidities in HIV-positive patients
  • Recommend management strategies f...
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Rifampin Drug-Drug Interactions with Newer Antiretrovirals (TAF, Bictegravir, Dolutegravir)

Treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-infected persons remains challenging, in part because of drug interactions between rifampin and some ARVs that may compromise antiretroviral therapy (ART). Three studies presented at CROI provide clinicians with additional guidance on how to manage certain inter...