Step 4: Keeping HIV-Infected People in Quality HIV Care

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  • Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services into HIV Primary Care

    Karen McKinnon's picture

    When incorporating best practices and guidelines for HIV care, clinicians must take into account their clients’ mental health and substance use needs. Approximately 30- 50% of people living with HIV/AIDS have current or past severe to moderate depression. At its highest estimate, that’s more...

  • in+care Campaign: Keeping Patients in Care and in Good Health

    Michael Hager's picture

    The in+care Campaign is a multi-year effort managed by the National Quality Center and sponsored by the Health Resources Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau. It is designed to bring together local, regional and national organizations that are focused on improving...

  • Using Technology to Promote Engagement in Care

    Lisa Hightow-Weidman's picture

    How many of you are currently reading this blog on your phones? Wait! Don’t answer that. Just the fact that you are reading this and not playing Bejeweled means we are off to a great start. However, if you are using your cell phone to access the internet, you aren’t alone. As of May 2013, 85% of...

  • Getting Started Using the AETC Engagement in Care Toolkit

    In January 2013, the AIDS Education and Training Center National Resource Center (AETC NRC) hosted the training exchange Guidelines for Improving Entry Into and Retention in Care and ARV Adherence for Persons with HIV. This training exchange featured presentations on the latest evidence...

  • Improving Engagement and Retention in Care at your Clinic: A CDC Study

    Marla Corwin's picture

    Two goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, reducing HIV incidence, and increasing access to care/optimizing outcomes, can be strongly and positively affected by engaging and retaining HIV-infected patients in clinical care. Why has this been so challenging? A glance at the Spectrum of...

  • Cultural Competence and its Impact on HIV Disparity

    Goulda Downer's picture

    An increasingly diverse population continues to challenge the American health care system as it struggles to deliver quality health care to all.  One consequence of this is increased health disparities and inequities, particularly within racial and ethnic minority communities. Research shows a...

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Community Health Workers Program
HIV Long-Term Survivors Day
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2017 Greater New York ANAC Conference: Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Informed. Rethinking HIV Prevention
National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women with HIV
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2017 National Latino HIV and Hepatitis C Conference
Pediatric HIV/AIDS Training Course