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  • HIV and Smoking - A Bad Combination

    This month CDC features an HIV-infected smoker as part of its highly successful anti-smoking campaign “Tips from Former Smokers," which tells the stories of real people harmed by smoking.

    Smoking is among the most prevalent problems affecting HIV-infected patients. CDC estimates that in...

  • The Perfect Storm: Meth Use and the Disease of Caries

    Clinical Instructor Pacific AETC Oral Health Program

    As oral health clinicians, many of us are treating large numbers of individuals whose behaviors, past and present, make it challenging to establish and maintain a disease-free oral environment. Nowhere is this more...

  • Improve Your Clinic, Improve Your Care: SPNS Launches New Project

    The intersection of opioid abuse, particularly injection drug use, and HIV is well documented and has been since the early days of the epidemic. A newer trend, however, has been nonmedical pain medication abuse.

    Receipt of prescription opioids to treat pain is not uncommon, particularly as...

Day Title
Is it Flu or is it HIV? - Clarksburg, WV
Managing HIV/HCV in Primary Care Practice
2nd Annual Interprofessional Seminars in HCV & HIV
2nd Annual Interprofesional Seminars in HCV & HIV
Is it Flu or is it HIV? Mineral Wells, WV
10th Annual Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Addictions Symposium: The Pandemic of Addiction
National Rural Health Day
Event type: Awareness Days
Day Title
2nd Annual Interprofessional Seminars in HCV & HIV
The 12th National Conference on HIV/AIDS & Aging
2nd Annual Interprofessional Seminars in HCV & HIV