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Technology in Training

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  • Developed for presenters to provide guidance on what to keep in mind when making slide presentations 508 compliant.

    Type: Training Program Resources
    Publication Date: 10/30/2019
  • E-Learn Committee calls provide information, updates, best practices and tips for the use of different technologies to help make programmatic work more efficient and to ensure that products are com

    Type: Webinar Recordings
    Publication Date: 6/21/2019
  • This infographic illustrates the importance of making your online resources and program activities accessible for all users, and provides strategies and tips for starting the process of improving y

    Type: Charts, Tables & Posters
    Publication Date: 6/1/2016
  • Accessibility means ensuring compatibility with assistive technology. Try to favor true accessibility over mere compliance with standards.

    Type: Resources
    Publication Date: 7/30/2014
    Review Date: 7/20/2018

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