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HIV care providers look to Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP) for evidence-based, evidence-informed, and emerging HIV care strategies they can adopt and integrate into their practice settings. With a library of over 75 user-friendly resources designed to address needs and gaps in services along the HIV care continuum, IHIP is a one-stop-shop for discovering and replicating innovative practices.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) introduced IHIP in 2011 to promote the promising new approaches of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part F: Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) projects. IHIP identifies effective innovations, develops implementation tools and resources to support replication, and delivers peer-to-peer technical assistance to connect providers with experts.

Providers lead the effort to end the HIV epidemic, but in a world where science is always evolving and each client brings with them a complex set of needs, keeping up with best practices and proven approaches can be a challenge. IHIP resources are designed to tackle the barriers that clients, providers, and people with HIV (PWH) face in treating and preventing HIV. Each IHIP-featured intervention is supported by downloadable, user-friendly tools to make replication simple! Tools and resources include:

  • Intervention guides
  • Videos and TA webinar recordings
  • Factsheets
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Replicating interventions requires a tailored approach because no one organization or community is the same. This is why the IHIP team carefully selects highly replicable interventions implemented across a variety of communities, so providers have options and can choose the intervention that best fits the needs of their client population. IHIP-featured interventions address a range of topics including housing and employment, substance use, digital health, oral health, and even those designed for specific populations like transgender women of color or those experiencing incarceration.

Sample IHIP Resources At-a-Glance:

  1. KC Life 360, originally named after Kansas City, is an employment-focused intervention that utilizes the intersection between employment services, HIV care and treatment, and housing to improve the health outcomes of PWH. The KC Life 360 Implementation Guide breaks down the intervention with relevant data, outlines the steps for replication, provides tips and tools for completing each step, and includes recommendations for sustaining the intervention.
  • The Working with People with HIV Experiencing Unstable Housing FAQs is a two-page document that highlights the most important questions and considerations for working with PWH who are experiencing unstable housing. The FAQs break down questions organizations can consider, to see if they are prepared to address the housing needs of clients. It includes examples of interventions tailored to people experiencing unstable housing and provides additional resources.
  • The Identifying Key Elements of an Effective Implementation Resource webinar is a technical assistance webinar to help providers and organizations recognize the key elements of their intervention and provides recommendations for documenting those elements to support replication. IHIP experts provide their best tips for translating the basics of an intervention into effective implementation resources.

Level up your HIV service delivery by joining IHIP in the discovery, documentation, and replication of practices that have proven positive effects on the lives and wellbeing of PWH. Get started by exploring

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