Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Jurisdictions Implement the Imagine: Ending HIV. It’s Possible. Campaign

Cicatelli Associates, Inc.'s TAP-in project created the national Imagine: Ending HIV. It’s Possible. (Imagine) campaign to inspire the HIV workforce to end the epidemic by reducing the number of new HIV infections by 90 percent by 2030. The Imagine campaign aims to improve staff’s leadership capacity and to support local health department leaders, teams, and partners from the 47 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program jurisdictions to implement innovative interventions along the HIV care continuum. More information about the Imagine campaign's objectives is outlined in an earlier ShareSpot post. Here we share examples of how some EHE jurisdictions have integrated the Imagine campaign to recruit staff and connect with community champions.

Dallas County EHE Team Customizes Campaign Graphics to Recruit New Staff

The Dallas County EHE Team has made its mark on the Imagine campaign, customizing the campaign’s graphics to recruit elite staff to implement innovative interventions along the HIV care continuum.

We took the Imagine campaign graphics and added some elements for our staff recruitment. It’s a powerful message to send to potential candidates that Dallas County is on the front lines working to make change.

Miranda Grant, EHE Coordinator

To spread the campaign's message and engage the HIV workforce community, Dallas County plans to use the Imagine materials for future staff onboarding and outreach events.

The graphic is posted on their website.

graphics of people and text
Dallas County EHE Team recruitment graphic

San Juan, Puerto Rico AIDS Task Force Embraces the Imagine Campaign

We are extremely grateful to be a part of a national campaign. It means a lot to see real people be represented and recognized.

Marla Berdecia, Media and Content Specialist, San Juan, Puerto Rico Aids Task Force

When the call went out for volunteers to be photographed for the Imagine campaign, the staff at San Juan, Puerto Rico’s AIDS Task Force, quickly responded.

To spread the campaign's message and engage the HIV workforce community, the team worked with the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to post a link of the campaign video on their AIDS Taskforce website main page along with a link to the TargetHIV.com/Imagine site. They wrote and shared a blog in Spanish with their 300+ subscribers, including doctors and people within the community.

Additionally, the San Juan team showed the Imagine campaign video before meetings with their partner organizations and within the department to help build momentum and excitement around their jurisdictional EHE efforts. Berdecia continued, “When we showed the campaign video to our leadership and partner organizations, they were impressed and felt immediately involved. We have nine organizations that are working with us. It is important to show that we are part of a national campaign. It adds credibility to our work.”

Detroit EHE Team Connects Community Champions to the Imagine Campaign

The Detroit Health Department is leading the charge to end the HIV epidemic by connecting its community to resources and outreach events. Volunteering to be photographed for the Imagine campaign, the Detroit EHE Team played an invaluable part in creating campaign materials to promote the EHE initiative across different platforms.

It’s great to have facts sheets and other resources to share with providers, the champions that are pushing EHE forward. We posted the campaign graphics on our Detroit EHE Facebook page because it is important to reach the community on the social channels that they use regularly. Our role is to support the work that the community is doing.

Akilah Benton, Detroit EHE Project Manager

Recently the team launched their own Detroit EHE website and has featured Imagine campaign branding and graphics that include team members front and center.

To spread the campaign's message and engage the HIV workforce community, Detroit EHE shared another Facebook post promoting its mission. Detroit team members are pictured in the graphic with the text “People with passion, commitment, motivation.”

Visit TargetHIV.org/Imagine for more information and campaign materials—including videos, fact sheets highlighting successful HIV intervention strategies, shareable social media content, talking points, and other branded content.

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