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AETC Community Membership Request Form

Registration is not required to access the resources and materials on our site. They are free to use and adapt to suit your training needs.

The Workgroups area of the AETC Community is open to members of the AIDS Education and Training Center community, including:

  • Local, regional, and national staff
  • Training faculty
  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau staff
  • Other allied professionals, by invitation

If you fit one of these categories, you may already have an account on this site. Otherwise, please complete the request form below, and a member of the AETC National Resource Center staff will respond within one or two business days.

If you do not fit these categories, but would like to receive updates from the AETCs, please subscribe here.

Your professional degrees and accreditation as you would like them to appear on your profile (eg, "MD, AAHIVM" or "FNP, ACRN")
Please provide the name of the local, regional, or national AETC with which you have an affiliation (e.g. as staff or faculty). If you are not affiliated directly with an AETC, please list your organizational affiliation.
Optional: Add a comment or note to the AETC NCRC staff. If this request is being made on behalf of someone else, please provide your own contact information here.