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Community Connections: Developing Strategic Partnership Alliances

Community Connections: Developing Strategic Partnership Alliances Larry Scott-Walker Executive Director THRIVE SS Inc Learning Objectives How small agencies can partner for major impact The Importance of strategic mapping/planning The Importance of Org and Community Asset Mapping Strategic Partnerships A strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two separate parties that do not directly compete with one another. Companies have long been engaging in strategic partnerships to enhance their offers and offset costs. Strategy first: You can't have "strategic partnerships" without first having a strategy! Strategy must be: Rooted in the mission of the org SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely Strategy Strategy = The roadmap to impact that answers the "what, when, who and how" Mission is the "why" Being strategic also means being selective... normalize saying no! **Not everyone's brand will align with yours ** Teamwork makes the DREAM WORK Once you've decided what your strategic goals and priorities are, then you find "Co-conspirators" Main or New Partner? There must be legally binding contracts! Main Partner Long lasting Trusted Reliable Mutually beneficial Synergistic New Partner Vetting Partner on one project Find alignments/synergies THRIVE SS Inc Founded by 3 Black Gay Men with HIV Largest support network for BGMWH Currently incubating 3 grassroot agencies Formed as a collaboration of colleagues Beginning first 1-2yrs Little to NO Funding 300+ members Partnered with larger agencies for funding Partnered with local agencies National partnership (Huge Impact) 2017 First lead grant Partnered with Bristol Myers Squibb to build poster presentation for USCA and IAS Leased first space R3 Project Partnered with almost every HIV provider to give centered care to people with HIV (PWH) Providing training to agencies centering community feedback Hosted exhibit at IAS in Amsterdam 2018 2019 - Strategic map Importance Lists are magic Strategy maps/plans help to assure we have a measured approach forward focuses efforts prevents mission drift helps with aligning and partnering with others 2019 Settled a 5,600 sq ft building, National membership around 4000+ Linked 300+ PWH Providing local and national TA Filmed first documentary 2020 National and Local partnerships - e.g., health departments, Ryan White-funded orgs, legacy agencies, AETCs, small startup agencies, incubating agencies Strategic Plan 2021 Global partners Twinning opportunities Partnering outside of HIV and public health (tech developers, media) Elected officials Faith-based communities/leaders THRIVE Strategic Goals and Expansion Plans Community Conversations/THRIVE365 App: Partners: GA AETC, Rutgers University, The Corporate Lounge, local providers and SME TA Center: Partners: GA AETC, The Corporate Lounge Expanding into testing and care provision: Positive Impact Heath Centers, Odyssey Family Counseling Partnerships can provide: Space Staffing Revenue Cost saving Bolster services Provide greater diversity of experience Asset mapping Asset Mappingis a tool that relies on a core belief ofasset-based community development; namely, that good things exist in communities and that those things can be highlighted and encouraged these areassetssuited to advancing those communities. Asset Mapping YOUR ORG/MISSION = ASSET WHO ELSE IS IN COMMUNITY DOING WORK WHOSE WORK ALIGNS WITH YOUR VISION/MISSION Importance of Org and Community asset mapping Org mapping Helps to identify talent and service gaps Scout talent Know what NOT to do Choose and vet partners 01 Community mapping Helps gauge: Who is where What they are doing How best to align 02 Partner with PURPOSE Consider: Cost vs. Benefit Are there alignments Main vs. New Does this partnership support our 3-5 year goals? Larry L. Scott-Walker [email protected] Contact