Methadone Patient Journey Demystified Video Series

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This four part video series follows a patient's journey into methadone treatment to demystify the process for healthcare providers treating people with substance dependence. It is part of a larger curriculum from the CT Regional Partner developed under the HRSA SPNS initiative: Curing Hepatitis C among People of Color with HIV. You must create an account on the Connecticut AETC website to get access to these free resources.

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started (13:07)
    • This first chapter describes referral processes to the methadone clinics, as well as stigma and misconceptions around methadone.
  • Chapter 2: Transition to Treatment (Part 1) (9.41)
    • Second video of the 4 -video series "Methadone Referrals Demystified. A Patient's Journey into the Methadone Treatment" describes the admission process, the physical examination and the struggles patients face during their first 90 days of treatment.
  • Chapter 3: Transition to Treatment (Part 2) (8:59)
    • Counseling services and counseling options.
  • Chapter 4: First Dose and Next Steps (9:42)
    • The final video describes methadone dosing and urine screening and the processes around take-home bottle privileges and around dose adjustments.
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