Accessibility Policy

The AETC NCRC has a long-term and continuing commitment to meeting the needs of people who rely on assistive technologies in a timely manner by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility. Our goal is to provide accessible, high-quality information and resources. The steps we take include:

  • Our technical team regularly monitors the site's technical architecture against the industry standards for accessibility.
  • AETC NCRC content authors and producers follow standards when writing and preparing new information for publication in all formats.
    • Key legacy content is audited and brought up to standards as appropriate.
  • We ask content authors from the AETC network to ensure that the resources they submit are compliant with standards and provide accessibility training resources.
    • As of this time, we do not audit these contributions ourselves.
  • AETC NCRC staff advocate for accessibility compliance within the AETC Program through education and technical assistance.

This is a large site with substantial legacy content. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing any of our content so that we can attend to any problems as soon as possible.